Our team

Oscar Arroyo Terrón


Upper Graduated in Piano and Chamber Music, he studied in Ávila, Murcia, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid) and Salamanca Conservatories. Widens his studies in Spain and abroad with teachers as Ferenc Rados, Marta Gullyas, Josep Colom, Antonio Baciero or Rita Wagner, among others. Piano teacher of the Professional Music Conservatory "Tomás Luis de Victoria" in Ávila, develops an important work in spreading musical culture in his environment.


Soterraña Aguirre Rincón

Musicology advisor

Senior Lecturer in Musicology at the University of Valladolid, specialising in music of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. She is a graduate in Musicology from the University of Oviedo and in Arts (Geography and History) from the University of Valladolid, and also has completed professional qualifications as a piano teacher at the Conservatorio of Oviedo. She graduated with a PhD from the University of Valladolid in 1997 with a study devoted to the polyphonic manuscript of Sor Luisa de la Ascensción and the performance context of music in female convents. She has had further periods of study at the un universities of Glasgow, Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley and the Univeristy of Texas at Austin. An Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne (Australia), she currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Valladolid and collaborates in the Masters’ courses at the Universities of Andalusia and Coimbra. Interested in research that implies a practical projection, she is the chief investigator in the research project “Music and Culture in the Kingdom of Castile, 16th-19th centuries, HAR 2011-30272-C02) that centres around the study of unpublished repertories, from source to performance. She also coordinates the inter-university doctoral program of the University of Valladolid.

She is also director of the Digitalisation and Cataloguing Project of the musical archive of the Cathedral of Valladolid. She has published several books and articles with Spanish and foreign publishers and has also presented the fruits of her research in spectacles such as Versa est (on the life of Tomás Luis de Victoria),  or as a consultant for cultural organisations and institutions.

Antonio Bernaldo de Quirós Álvarez (†)

Founding member

He was born in Avila, and dedicated to music since childhood. He studied mainly at Salamanca and Madrid, in whose Conservatories he improved his knowledge of piano, organ and composition. Its main masterful work was carried out for many years as Harmony, Analysis and Fundamentals of Composition teaching at Profesional Conservatory of Music of Ávila, where he was Director. Author of several compositions, tireless collector and researcher, his musical interests led him to the study of singing and choral and orchestral conducting.

Ana María Sabe Andreu

History consuellor and content editor

Modern History MBA with a doctoral thesis about “Avila Easter brotherhoods in modern times”, published in 2000 by the IGDA. Numerary member of the “Institución Gran Duque de Alba”, section History. Music teacher since 1993, working nowadays at Vasco de la Zarza Secondary School in Avila. Writer of the biography "Tomás Luis de Victoria, pasión por la música", published in 2008 by the IGDA (“Institución Gran Duque de Alba”). Writer of a considerable amount of articles and reports published on different media, press and internet. Active member in several choirs, in Avila and Madrid.

Inés Mogollón

Head of communication and content editor

Inés Mogollón is a musicologist. She writes for festivals and orchestras and usually collaborates with various media: El Norte de Castilla, Cadena SER, El Día de Valladolid, ABC Artes y Letras, El Diario de Ávila, mundoclasico.com, Revista de Arte Atticus, etc.

Recent activity:

International Congress 'Tomás Luis de Victoria', organized by the National Institute of Performing Arts and the Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences, held from the 8th to the 12th of November 2011 in Léon. Communication: “Interpretative practices in Tomás Luis de Victoria’s discography: historical and conceptual contextualisation for a historical revision”.

Conference: “Dimitri Shostakovich: Symphony n°11 in G minor, 1905, Op.103’. Exhibition date: 19/11/2012. Miguel Delibes Auditorium, Valladolid.

She has designed the sound file of the exhibition “Rabo de Lagartija (” of the photographer Ángel Marcos, produced by the ARTIUM, Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art. Vitoria, 20th of May / 4th of September 2012. Canal de Isabel II. Madrid, September 2014.

Publication of the text “Lost in translation” for the catalogue of the exhibition “Pablo Palazuelo: Caligrafías musicales (Musical calligraphies in English)”, organised by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA in Spanish) and the Centre of Art Tomás and Valiente (CEART) of Alicante (2013).

She has published the article “Interpretative practices in Tomás Luis de Vitoria: historical and conceptual benchmarks”, en Tomás Luis de Victoria 1611-2011. Tribute to the 4th centenary of her death, Ana Sabe (ed.), Ávila, 2012.

Silvia Galán Hernández

Content editor and community manager

Born in Ávila in 1986, she studied violin at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Tomás Luis de Victoria” in Ávila and later she finidhed her career of Musicologist at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León (Salamanca). Following with her career she took a Master investigation at Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Thanks to this Master she has had the chance to investigate deeply the composer from the Spanish Renaissance Tomás Luis de Victoria with essay such as “El movimiento cecilianista y su influencia en la recuperación y edición de la música de Tomás Luis de Victoria”, under the supervisión of María Nagore. From this essay it emerged the article “La Lira Sacro-Hispana de Hilarión Eslava: una propuesta personal en la edición de la música de Tomás Luis de Victoria”, which has not been published. Moreover, she has publish another investigation article entittle “Tomás Luis de Victoria. Reforma y recepción” in the volume Tomás Luis de Victoria (1611-2011). Tribute in the 4th centenary of his death, coordinated by Ana Sabe. She has been collaborating in the Centro de Estudios “Tomás Luis de Victoria” as a member since its creation in 2011, year in which it was celebrated the 4th centenary of his death. She has had the chance to enjoy the scholarship which was awarded by the members during the year 2013-2014. Thanks to which sehe has revised, refreshed and extended the music and documentary base which is included in the web page of the center. She continues developing some roles together with the rest of the members. Inside the frame of the International Music Festival “Abvlensis”, parallel Project to the center of studies, she has been able to collaborate as an active member of the team in the organization of the festival, the compassition of the program notes and the review of the concerts.

Verónica Rioja Fernández

Teaching coordinator and content editor

Graduate in History and Science of Music and German Philology from the University of Valladolid, and piano teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Music in the same city, she obtained her Masters in Hispanic Music majoring in vocal music of the Renaissance, producing various publications and research articles. She also studied singing in Berlin, Madrid and Valladolid. She expanded her training at national and international level in Prague, Berlin or Trivandrum (India) with teachers like Miroslav Kosler, Michael Witt, Johann Djuick, Alberto Blancafort, Harry Christophers and Javier Busto.

Director of children's choirs and choristers, she has worked in various community groups, both as director and teacher of singing and vocal technique. She has also given numerous seminars and courses as a teacher of choral management and singing throughout the country. She currently teaches choral singing for the Degree in Musicology at the University of Valladolid, directs several choirs such as the Coral Támbara, La Cotarra and La Enseñanza in Valladolid, Bella Desconocida Chamber Choir of Palencia and the Choristers of the Collegiate of Toro (Zamora); she teaches singing with the Choir of White Voices of Valladolid; she coordinates and co-directs the Cantania project in the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid Auditorium. She also is working on her doctoral thesis, which focuses on Spanish Golden Age vocal music.

Javier Cruz Rodríguez

Content editor

Javier Cruz has two B.A. in Music, one on music theory and the other on piano. His training has been extended with professors like Ferenc Rados, Alan Walker, Charles Rosen and Bruno Nettl, among others. He also holds a B.A. in Art History and History and Music Science, the latter thanks to his scholarship to study at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. His interdisciplinary training ends with his Ph. D at the University of Salamanca, inside a doctorate programme in Musicology. He is also the author of some articles and cultural reviews, as well as presentations in symposiums and conferences about music, history and art history. He has taught different subjects at art schools, music conservatories, the University of Valladolid and at the University of Salamanca.

Beatriz Ares García

Content editor and spaces coordinator

Musicology Graduate at Superior Music Conservatory in Salamanca, Spain, began her education specialized in flute at Professional Conservatory of Music in Ávila. In 2011, she obtained the Master's Degree in Teaching by the University of Valladolid and, in 2014, the Master's Degree in Musical Researching by the International University of Valencia. She widens her education with teachers like Juana Gillem, Antonio Arias or Vicens Prats. She has written several research essays about Santa Teresa and music scores achieving great grades in all of them. She currently belongs to several music ensembles and collaborates in essays and articles referring to Tomas Luis de Victoria.

Miguel Jerez López


Performer, director and musicologist. Graduated at the High Drama School of Castilla y León, and studying his last year in History and Music Science degree at University of Valladolid. He combines his work as and actor and Teatro de la Arena Thater Group´s director with giving workshops and seminars about acting, performers training and theater applied to other disciplines like coral chant. He´s trained in brazilian percussion, and he colaobrates at the musical and artistic direction in two groups in Valladolid. He works also with the asociation ProMúsica in a Scholar Batucada Project in Castilla y León. He gave several workshops for teachers on the topic “Batucada with recycled instruments for Music and Gymnastics”. He participates at the I Choir Condutors Nacional Congress organizaed by AEDCORO, with the work demonstration “The body´s voice”. He´s part of the international group of theater research The Bridge of Winds.

Germán Gamero Igea


Germán Gamero is History Degree by the University of Valladolid (Spain) and PhD student on Medieval History in the same institution. He is also final-year student on Musicology with a specialization in Spanish music. As PhD student he has carry out different stays as a visiting researcher in the University Roma I ‘La Sapienza’, the University of Oxford and the École Française de Rome, among others.

His investigations are related to the Iberian Peninsula between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, specially focused in the Iberian Court culture. He takes part form different research groups and programs locates both in Spanish and European institutions. For example, he is member of the Hight Research Group (GIE) ‘Water Space and Society in Medieval Spain”, in the European Research Group “Minorities in Medieval and Early Modern Spain”, and he also participates in the Research Program “Studding Ritual Spaces of Medieval Castilian Mudejars. Mosques and Cemeteries in a Christian Society”.