Ave maris stella, a 4 (I)

Ave maris stella, a 4 (I)

De Beata Virgine [1576]


Even verses 


SUmens illud aue
Gabrielis ore
funda nos in pace,
mutans eue nomen.
MOnstra te esse matrem
sumat per te preces
qui pro nobis natus
tulit esse tuus.
UItam presta puram
iter para tutum
vt videntes lesum
semper colletemur.


Hail, star of the sea,
Nurturing Mother of God,
And ever Virgin
Happy gate of Heaven.
Receiving that Ave
From the mouth of Gabriel,
Establish us in peace,
Transforming the name of Eva.
Loosen the chains of the guilty
Send forth light to the blind,
Our evil do thou dispel,
Entreat for us all good things.
Show thyself to be a Mother:
Through thee may he receive prayer
Who, being born for us,
Undertook to be thine own.
O unique Virgin,
Meek above all others,
Make us, set free from our sins,
Meek and chaste.
Bestow a pure life,
Prepare a safe way:
That seeing Jesus,
We may ever rejoice.
Praise be to God the Father,
To the Most High Christ be glory,
To the Holy Spirit
Be honour, to the Three equally.

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