Cum beatus Ignatius, a 5

Cum beatus Ignatius, a 5


Cum beatus Ignatius damnatus esset ad bestias,
et ardore patiendi rugientes,
audirent leones, ait:
Frumentum Christi sum,
dentibus bestiarum immolar,
ut panis mundus inveniar.
Ignis, crux, bestiae confractio ossium,
membrorum et totius corporus contritio
et tota tormenta diaboli in me veniant:
tantum ut Christo fruar.


When blessed Ignatius was condemned to the beasts,
And in his eagerness for suffering,
He heard the roaring lions, he said: 
“I am the wheat of Christ,
May I be ground by the teeth of beasts, 
So that I may be found to be fine bread.” 
Let fire, cross, the beasts’ shattering of my bones,
The dividing of my limbs, the grinding of my whole body, 
And all the torments of the Devil come upon me,
That I may delight in Christ all the more.
[Source: Eric Rice]

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