XXIV International Festival of Ancient Music of Úbeda and Baeza

Nov/20 00:00 - Dec/08 00:00
Úbeda y Baeza (España)

De Mvsica Hvmana

This year the International Festival of Ancient Music of Úbeda and Baeza will offer several concerts for free through its YouTube channel, which is being renewed. A great opportunity to get to know this festival firsthand.

Regarding the 2020 edition, its director, Javier Marín, says:

If the recent and dramatic outbreak of Covid 19 has shown anything, it is the high level of global interdependence between all the world's people and the new dimension that typically human values ​​such as responsibility, solidarity and professionalism have acquired. FeMAUB 2020, marked by the spread of the virus, also wants to place people at the center through the evocative slogan "DE MVSICA HVMANA" (the music of man), a term used since the High Middle Ages to refer to inner harmony that unites the soul and the body in the person (as opposed to "mvsica mvndana" or of the universe and to "music instrumentalis" or of musical instruments). The concept of "human music" exerted a great influence in the Renaissance - the era of splendor of Úbeda and Baeza - and crystallized in humanist thought, which places man at the center of the universe and of knowledge, as a privileged creature.

From this more humanized and anthropocentric philosophical perspective, FeMAUB 2020 is dedicated to the group of people who have made its celebration possible for almost a quarter of a century: artists, audiences, organizers, sponsors, suppliers and, ultimately, to all those who Directly and indirectly they have participated and participate in it, as an expressive and ideal metaphor, on a small scale, of the necessary universal harmony. All this without losing sight of the most characteristic element since its creation: the recovery and dissemination of the Hispanic musical heritage in exceptional and unique artistic environments such as those constituted by the cities of Úbeda and Baeza.