FMAG 2020

Dec/17 00:00 - Dec/20 00:00
Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (Gijón)
The FMAG (Festival de Música Antigua de Gijón / Early Music Festival of Gijon) will took place this year (due to the coronavirus crisis) it between 17 and 20 December. The festival is organized in one sesion a day to each of the great periods of ancient music. It will be a session dedicated to medieval music (by the Artefactum), on 20 December, another to the polyphony of the Renaissance Hispanic  Guerrero, Morales, Lobo and of course, Victoria) by theo choir "El León de oro) on Deceber 18, as well as a baroque session (December 19) by Raquel Andueza along with the ensemble La Galania. The first day will be an encounter with Abraham Cupeiro wich will present his new disc "Pangea"
The event complies with all anti-covid measures and bcould be also visualized by the YouTube channel "Taller de Músicos".