Ciclo Musical 2021

Jan/02 00:00 - Dec/04 00:00
Real Monasterio de Santa María de la Valldigna

The Valldigna International Medieval Music Center has presented its annual programm of conferences and music concerts. The schedule has practically one concert a month (except July and August). It allows a very variety but we can also see a liking point though all the concerts: the Mediterranean experience and contact between cultures. The concert offered by Los musicos de Uruñea (March 6) and by Aquitania (September 4) are focused on islamic, jewish and christian music of the Iberian Middle Ages. Also Egeria bring us a program based on by medieval pilgrimages (to Jerusalem, Rome, but also Santiago de Compostela). On June 6, Samira Kadiri will offer us a concert of Andalusian music, but also Sephardic songs in Greece, Burgaria, Turkey or Morocco, as well as Aljamied Sufi songs. On the other hand we can also stress the relevance given to instrumental music. The organization offers three different concerts:  the Ensemble Alfonsí (November 6), Eloqventica (February 6) and Menestrils (May 1). Finally, we can also point out the concert (January 2) by Arianna Savall and Petter Udland; as well as that of José Hernández Pastor (December 4), the latter on western contemplative music.