Nov 09
Two different concerts foucsed on Tomás Luis de Victoria's music will take place in Ávila (Auditorio Municipal de San Fracisco) on November 9 and 10, at 8:00 p.m., Both performances are free and and there is no tiket requests.
Nov 23

The XXIII sesion of the Ubeda&Baeza festival of Early Music will take place between October 23 and December 8 with a program focused on the Italian influence on Western early music. The festival will be organized in four different cicles. The first one, entitled global Global Italy will explore italian influencie both in religious and profane between the  XIVth  to the XVIIIth centuries.

Oct 25

The next october, as the first activitiy from MOMUA festival (Molina Música Antigua), will take place tha national congress 'Músicas antiguas y planteamientos recientes: la historia desde la perspectiva de género', impulse by the SEdeM´s comission 'Música y muejres: estudios de género'. This event will try to contribute with new point of wiev about the women´s work in music from the ancient times untill the XXI century.

Jul 03

The conference programme for the annual MedRen it´s ready. It will take place the next July between the 3rd and the 6th at Basel, Switzerland.

Apr 05

The work commission «Music and context at the iberian medieval and renaissance world», from the Spanish Society of Musicology (SEdeM) organizes the II International Congress on 5th and 6th of April in Borja, Zaragoza (Spain).

The event´s objectivesaare the promotion of dialogue spaces betweee musicologists, players, historians, etc. in an interdisciplinary focus, and related to the themes wich are proposed for the comunications and conferences:


Feb 15

The Doctoral Degree in Musicology from University of Valladolid, colaborating with the research project "The renaissence musical work. Foundations, repertories and practices" ( organizes this working day "Sonido, espacio y tiempo", a seminar wich pretends to add new information and offer a reflexion space about current and central topics, as the acoustic in the historical spaces; the virtual acoustic reality technology, or  where we are (phiscally and emotionally) when we play music. 

Mar 16

The Department of History and Music Sciences of the University of Valladolid organizes the IV Jornadas de Música Antigua. De la fuente a la interpretación that will be developed from the month of March until May.

This year will present issues related to sources, editing, interpretation and management, both in the Spanish and Latin American context through the development of workshops and conferences.
Apr 08

On Saturday April 8, the vocal group Schola Antiqua directed by Juan Carlos Asensio will offer an almost complete staging of the Officium defunctorum of 1605 by Tomás Luis de Victoria together with the Sociedad coral de Madrid directed by Rodrigo Guerrero.

Oct 29

Tomás Luis de Victoria Choir from Brunete (Madrid) will sing, in three different concerts, the complete Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae by Tomás Luis de Victoria on saturdays 29th. of October, 5th. and 12th. of November, at 20:45, at San Nicolás de Los Servitas Chruch in Madrid. The concerts schedule will be as follows:

Oct 09

The prestigious and renowned organist Montserrat Torrent returns to Ávila after his last concert in Abvlensis 2015, to celebrate its 90th anniversary with a special concert: 'Res Non Verba'.

The event will take place in the Cathedral of Ávila on Sunday October 9, 2016 at 20.30 pm in the context of the celebration of the Feast of Santa Teresa.
Free entry.


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