P06, 1583b
Thomae Ludovici de Victoria. Abulensis. Motecta que partim quaternis, partim quinis, alia senis, alia octonis, alia duodenis vocibus, concinuntur: quae quidem, nunc vero melius excussa, et alia quam plurima adiuncta. Noviter sunt impressa. Permissum superiorum. Romae. Apud Alexandrum Gardanum. MDLXXXIII.

Eight notebooks, one for voice.

20 x 10,5 cm.

Dedicated to: Mary The Virgin

As in the 1572 edition, which is reissue, the motets are divided into groups, with a corresponding index, depending on the number of voices, and within each group are sorted by the liturgical calendar. This edition includes 20 new parts compared to that of 1572, while 7 of which had already appeared in intermediate editions to both.


[Cover: digital photograph of Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library, University of California, Berkeley ©]


The Reverend Tomás Luis de Victoria, priest from Avila, dedicates to the Saint Mother of God, Saint Mary the perpetual Virgin or to her merciful Father, or to all the saints who happily reign in heaven with Christ, to sing their praise on solemn festivities and to inspire faithful people’s devotion through hymns and sacred songs composed by him.


Translation: Carmen Jerez Cid


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