P10, 1589b
Cantiones sacrae Thomae Ludovici a Victoria Abulensis, musici suavissimi, quatuor, quinque, sex, octo, et duodecim vocum, nunquam ante hac in Germania excussae. Cum gratia et privilegio Sacrae Caesarae Maiestatis. Dilingae, Excudebat Ioannes Mayer. 1589.


Eight notebooks in cuarto, landscaped, one for each voice: Cantus, Altus, Tenor, Bassus, Quintus, Sextus, Septimus and Octavus. 24 x 15 cm.

New reissue of 1583's motets.

Dedicated to: Mary The Virgin.


Cover : Image from the specimen at Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich (Germany).


I dedicated very recently to your Excellency some works, translated from Italian and German and printed by myself, about the spread of Catholic religion and other activities successfully done in Japan for Christ’s glory. When you got this so kindly and affectionately, I frequently wished to find some other more relevant and finer works addressed to the name of so important man in order to publish them in my printing firm. Actually I did not get the best but one which I considered quite fine and hopefully acceptable for your excellency.  Well, which is that work?. Tomás Luis de Victoria’s sacred songs which are highly considered by those who appreciate the art of music and whose author must be included among the most important chant masters of the time.

So, I thought these songs, not published in Germany until the moment, and very proper to delight one’s ears with symphonic harmony and to produce merciful feelings in people’s souls, should be published addressed to your name. With this illustrious interest and passion for this art, the praise of musicians flourishes more and more every day in Augustan Church which you, as a Dean and with the highest knowledge, lead and govern. Therefore, I hope your Excellency to receive our work with the same goodwill you received the previous one. I humbly entrust myself to that goodwill once and again. In Dillingen. April, the eighth. Year  MDLXXXIX.

Devoted to your Highness.

Johannes Mayer.

Printer from Dillingen.


Translation: Carmen Jerez Cid


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Image from the specimen at Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich (Germany).


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