Domine non sum dignus, a 4

Domine non sum dignus, a 4

In Communione [1583b]


lute tablature is included in the anthology prepared by Adrian Denss Florilegium omnis fere generis cantionum suavissimarum ad testudinis tabulatorum ac commodatorum, longe jucun dissimum. In quo praeter fantasias lepidissimus, continentur diversorum authorum cantiones... published in Cologne in 1594 by Gerhard Grevenbrück (Cramer PA2 1594b[=RISM 1594-19]).


DOmine: non sum dignus

vt intres sub tectum meum

sed tantum dic verbo

et sanabitur anima mea.


MIserere mei quoniam infirmus sumii

sana me domine et sanabor.


Lord, I am not worthy

that you should enter into my house,

But only say the word

and my soul will be healed.


Have mercy on me, for I am weak;

Cleanse me Lord, and I will be healed.

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