'La mitad invisible' of TVE will dedicate a space to Tomás Luis de Victoria

'La mitad invisible', a cultural program of Spanish Public Television (TVE) devoted a space to the work and figure of Tomás Luis de Victoria on Saturday November 7, at 8 pm. 

The program team invited the director of Centro de Estudios Tomás Luis de Victoria and the Internacional Music Festival Abvlensis, Óscar Arroyo Terrón, and the musicologist and expert in the Renaissance music and professor at the University of Valladolid, Soterraña Aguirre, an active member of the Centro de Estudios and the Festival to take part.

The meeting took place in the beautiful chapel of Mosen Rubi, in Ávila, within the framework of 'Las Edades del Hombre', which exhibits an original volume from the Musical Archive of the Valladolid Cathedral, of Part II of Cantus Choir I, from the book of Missae, magnificat, motecta, psalmi et alia quam plurima, quae partim octonis, alia nonis, alia duodenis vocibus concinuntur publicado por Tomás Luis de Victoria in 1600.