Polyphonic music has interesetd to scholars not only for its sound complexity but also for being an expression of power of its constituents. This is the case of the PRoMs research project that is dedicated to the sound study, but also material (of the rich codices) of polyphonic music between the years 1480-1530. It is a project based in England, with the participation of the universities of York, Bargor and Manchester, as well as King College London, the Warburg Institute, the Capella Pratensis and the European Research Council. Among the achievements of this team we can highlight the important database that they have provided openly from their website. Although they do not specifically specialize in the Hispanic repertoire, this one is represented, for example with the Barcelona manuscript (Bilbioteca del Orfeón Catalán, MS 5). But also, we recommend consulting the bibliographic list on your research topics or the list of the works worked by the team, which also have a geolocation interface.