The Center Culturel de Rencontre d'Ambronay, in collaboration with the ensemble Correspondance, as well as the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Sorbonne Unviersité and the Louvre Museum, have organize a new MOOC, inttitled "Musical Travel arround the France of the 17th century". According to the organizers, it is a free course organized in seven sessions that will begin from February 2021. The course will offer  some tutorials, as well as interactive exercises, musical pieces and concert recordings mong others.

It is a course directed by Cecil Davy-Rigauz (CNRS-IRemus) and Theodora Psychoyou (Sorbonne Unviserié-IReMus) that will investigate French music from different producing institutions, from the Church, to the theater and the Court, which aims to offer a comprehensive and up-close view of this rich heritage of early European music. The registrations of those interested must be made before December 10 through its website.

Voyage Musical dans la France du XVII siècle