Mar/29 18:00 - Apr/03 18:00
Teatro Cervantes (Málaga)

At the Cervantes Theater in Malaga there will be a cycle of Ancient Music during this Holy Week. Specifically, under the title 'Aeternum. Sacred Music of the World ', the program will explore the religiosity of some of the great composers of the European repertoire. The cycle begins with one of the most representative authors of this objective (J. S. Bach), whose religious experience A. Delgado and Iñaqui Salvador do not hesitate to consider him as a mystic in the opening concert (J.S. Bach: a mystic in the 21st century '). After this concert, La Galanía and Raquel Andueza will explore the Italian music of the 17th century (specifically on the 31st of the month). MUSIca AlcheMica will offer to the public the Sonatas del Rosario de Biber on April 2 while J. Savall will offer a concert of various authors among which we can point out F. Guerrero, Antonio de Cabezón or Pedro de San Lorenzo among others..