Dec 15

The chamber choir of the University of Salamanca, conduced by Bernardo García-Bernalt offer us next Sunday, December 15, at 7:00 pm in the chapel of Archbishop Fonseca's College a concert focused on Sebastián de Vivanco's music. This concert is linked to the conmemorative activities for the 500th anniversary of the Fonseca's College. It is a tiket-free event and the coir will offer an overwiev of Vivanco's prodution, specialli foccused on the mass O quam suavis est:

Dec 05
The University of Aguascalientes (Mexico) organizes for December 5 its traditional Christmas concert in which participate students of musical studies, both those of vocal formation and choral direction. On this occasion the repertoire will be focused on music of the Reinaissance and Baroque periods, and will explore the history of music from Tomás Luis de Victoria to Claudio Monteverdi.
This concert closes this year's polyphonic music cycle of this institution, it is free and open to  all publics. 
Nov 29

The Cathedral of Barcelona celebrates this year the fifth centenary of the 19th chapter of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which took place  during the reign of Carlos I. Among other actuations on November 29 at 8:00 p.m. it will took place a free concer twith pieces of Melchor de Robledo, Bartomeu Cáceres, Josquin Des Prez, Pierre de la Rue, Pedro de Escobar, Francisco de Peñalosa and Antonio de Cabezón. They will be interpreted by the ensamble "La Caravaggia", the "Francesc Valls" choi" and the organist Juan de la Rubia, all directed by Lluís Biosca.

Nov 29

On november 29, at 8 pm, the RTVE (Radio TeleVisión Española), conducted by Lorenzo Ramos, will carry out a new concert focused on Victoria's music. In this case it will took plane in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja)  due to the celebrations of the jubilee. Specifically, the choir will ofer an interpretations of the Officium Defunctorumand three different motets "Vere languores, a 4",  "Ave Maria (apócrifo)" y "Ave Maria, gratia plena, a 8". 

Nov 30

The choir 'Coro de la Sociedad Musical de Sevilla', conduced by Pedro Teixeira, wil carry out two concerts in Seville, specifically in the parish of Saint Carlos Borromeo (November 30, 20:30) and Saint Albert ( December 1, 18:30). The concerts will offer music form some iberian compossers of the end of the XVIth century (Tomás Luis Victoria, Estêäo Lopes Morago y Duarte Lobo). 10 euros tickets could be bought in this link

Nov 23

The Spanish choir Ars Poliphonica is  carring out an international tour entitled "Ouróboros. La mvsica de los días" with a very ambitiuous program wich include music form the Renaissance to the XXI century. In their own words, they present a journey across the best vocal music of the last sixs centuries, and in this tour there is also the Victoria's motetete O vos omnes.

Nov 09
Two different concerts foucsed on Tomás Luis de Victoria's music will take place in Ávila (Auditorio Municipal de San Fracisco) on November 9 and 10, at 8:00 p.m., Both performances are free and and there is no tiket requests.
Nov 23

The XXIII sesion of the Ubeda&Baeza festival of Early Music will take place between October 23 and December 8 with a program focused on the Italian influence on Western early music. The festival will be organized in four different cicles. The first one, entitled global Global Italy will explore italian influencie both in religious and profane between the  XIVth  to the XVIIIth centuries.

Oct 25

The next october, as the first activitiy from MOMUA festival (Molina Música Antigua), will take place tha national congress 'Músicas antiguas y planteamientos recientes: la historia desde la perspectiva de género', impulse by the SEdeM´s comission 'Música y muejres: estudios de género'. This event will try to contribute with new point of wiev about the women´s work in music from the ancient times untill the XXI century.

Jul 03

The conference programme for the annual MedRen it´s ready. It will take place the next July between the 3rd and the 6th at Basel, Switzerland.


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