El corazón de la piedra

The book "El corazón de la piedra" has been just released, in which José María García López, writer born in Avila and settled in Cadiz recounts, in the voice of the Archduchess Margaret of Habsburg, the vicissitudes of Europe at that time.

Through such diverse sites as the naval battles of Lepanto and the Invincible Army or cities like Vienna, Prague and Budapest, the Archduchess Margaret, on his retirement at the Descalzas Reales in Madrid draws a exciting sketch of the music of her time.

Abvlensis en la Feria Internacional de Turismo 2014

The Music Festival "Abvlensis", along with the V Centenary of the birth of Santa Teresa and the Medieval Days, will be the protagonists of Avila tour package at the International Tourism Fair  -FITUR- to be held in Madrid from 22 to 26 January 2014.

Abvlensis 2013 Scholarship

As stated in the information about Abvlensis International Music Festival, organized every year by our Center, the full amount of incomes is intended for a scholarship to develop research related to the CEV.  

Regarding the issue of 2013, is Silvia Galan, from Center team, who will develop this work, mainly to review, update and expand the musical background and documentary material of the Center.  

Tomás Luis de Victoria: Estudios / Studies

Already in bookstores ICCMU's new publication, edited by Manuel del Sol and Javier Suárez-Pajares, which includes important studies focusing on many aspects of Victoria: study of sources, biographical, historiographical, interpretive, among others. This is the result of the research works presented by relevant especilistas and young musicologists at the past Victoria International Congress held in León on 2011.  


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