Nordic Voices Sing Victoria

Nordic Voices Sing Victoria

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Nordic Voices
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This album, Nordic Voices Sing Victoria, was realease in 2017 by the norwegian group Nordic Voices. The ensemble, created with members from the Norwegian Academy of Opera and the Norwegian Academy of Music, it´s a six-voice a cappella group,  an international refrence in it´s field, with a great stylistic versatiliy, wich lead them approach not just old music repertoires, as the one presented here, but contemporary composer´s music aswell, among the ones we can find some of the members too. 

Nordic Voices Sing VIctoria presents a very carefull selection of Victoria´s pieces, motets, from the two first collections (Venice, 1572; Venice 1576) mostly, wich get in with his youth stage, living in Rome,  the most prolific time in  his musical production. In this recording by the norwegian ensemble, the Victoria´s compositive mastry it´s reforced. Tomás Luis always gave to the words the main interpretative power, covered with all his musical skills. From the imitative counterpoint, absolutely in fashion at the time, Victoria gets to intensify the words sense with disonances, homophonia and unexpected turns in the music. Nordic Voices SIng Victoria it´s a fantastic example of how to take advantage the most all these compostive resources from the Master when we hold up his pieces in sound and music. 


-Quem vidistis pastores (Venice, 1572)

-Ardens est cor meum (Venice, 11576)

-Congratulamini Mihi (Venice, 1572)

-Vexilla Regis "More Hispano" (Rome, 1585)

-Tu es Petrus (Venice, 1572)

-Vidi Speciosam (Venice, 1572)

-Nigra Sum Sed Formosa (Veniice, 1576)

-Salve Regina (Venice, 1572)

-Benedicta Sit Sancta Trinitas (Venice, 1572)

-O Domine Jesu Christe (Venice, 1576)

-Vadam et Circuibo Civitatem (Venice, 1572)