Song of Songs

Song of Songs

Recording year: 
Stile Antico
Recording house: 
Harmonia Mundi


Song of songs it´s an album by Stile Antico wich has put togheter vocal music from the Renaissance composed with texts from the Song of Songs, from the Bible. This controverse book from the Bible it´s a wonderful love poem full of elocuent  images wich inspired many composers from the XV and XVI centuries. 

One of the identity signlas from this group based in London is that they work without a conductor. Twelve voices coordinateing themselves with great technicla and expressive quality and a long professional carrer with more than  ten studio works organized in different themes.

In this album they presented nineteen works by composers like Nicolas Gombert, Orlando di Lasso or Giovanni Palestrina, and many spanish ones, like Francisco Guerrero, Sebastián de Vivanco, Rodrigo de Ceballos and, of course, Tomás Luis de Victoria, presented trough Vidi Speciosam, and Vadam, et circumibo civitatem, the first one, nowadays, edited by the New Victoria Edition.