El Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae en 'Gran Repertorio' (RNE)

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"Gran Repertorio" a program of he Spanish National Radio bring to us a monographic studio about the Victoria's Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae. In this podcast it is stressed, firstly, the role of the Council of Trent in the political and religious evolution of Europe. It is an analysis made by Cristina Bravo Lozano (Autonomous University of Madrid). After that, it is explored the reliosity of Tomás Luis de Victoria and its connection with this musical collection. It is especially interesting the musical analysis made by Alonso de Vicente Delgado, who sais that thit Officium is the summary of the Roman period of this composer. Finally the program ends with the explanation of Josep Cabré (baritone and direct) on the way of representing this music.