Officium Defunctorum

Albert Recasens and Juan Carlos Asensio, in collaboration with the 'Grand Chapelle' ensamble and the specialized choir  'Schola Antiqua' brig us the first comprehensive recording of Vitoria's Officium Defunctorum. This musical masterpiece,  composed to María of Habsurg's  funeral is one ot the most representative musics of Tomás Luis de Victoria. Nevertheless it has not been recorder completely until now. These two music directors have investigated in the musical and historical sources triying to underestand and to restore the complete ceremonie. Due to this, the disc includes the vigilia, four psalms written by Victoria and not included in the printed version of 1605, as well as the Gregorian employed in the liturgy. All this effots makes this new Officium Defunctorum a key testimonie not only to better underestand the Ancient Music of Spain but also the ceremonies that took place at the begining of the 17th century in Madrid.

The album has had the support of the CEEH (Center for Hispanic History Studies), the Community of Madrid, and the ICS (Institute of Culture and Society) of the University of Navarra. It was presented on October 21, virtually thanks to the University of Navarra, by the directors as well as Tess Knighton (ICREA), Owen Rees (U. of Oxford) and Daniele Filippi (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) participated in its colloquium. Currently it is abailable in the Amazon (€ 19.99).

Carátula disco Officium Defunctorum (Grand Chapelle & Scholla Antiqua)