Apr/07 00:00 - Apr/18 00:00
Sala Guirau, Teatro Fernán Gómez (Madrid)

The Madrid Ancient Music Festival (in its second edition) will take place between April 7 and 18 with a very rich repertoire. The complete program, which can be consulted on its website or in the file attached to this new, will offer a renovated overview about this music. The festival offers a panorama from the Cuban and Caribbean rhythms (by Ars Longa de la Habana), to the courteous music of Vienna (Acadèmia 1750) and Charles IV of Spain (by Trigolium and the Vilarinyo Dance Company). Furthermore, it has been organized two monograph sessions, one dedicated to Telemann and the other one to Bach. We can also highlight some other performances with a varied repertoire like that of the Euskal Barrokensemble and MUSIca ALcheMica. Also, the WINDU group will offer a contemporaney vision of this repertorie. Finally, Pepe Viuyuela and the Jerónimo de Carrión Chapel offer an educationa concert entitled "The grace of the word".