XXIV Festival of Early Music

Apr/15 18:00 - Apr/24 18:00
Sala Orive, Córdoba

The XIV Festival of Early Music (named "The Three Cultures City") organized by the Cordovan City Council  will take place between April 15 and 24. The festival bring us a performance of Sefarad Music (April 15, by the group Evoeh), Muslim Music (Yaran Kaveh Sarvarian, April 16) and Christian Music. Regarding to Christian Music  performance will cover the Tombeau by Marais le Cadet (from Marin Marais, 2/2 17th century - 1/2 18th century), Spanish music from the 17th century (Capella de Ministrers, on April 22), and different pieces of the Renaissance (Hispanic and not only) in two sessions. We could hear pieces of Peñalosa, Cabezón, Encina, Mudarra, Milan and a long etc. Admission is free, until full capacity is reached, and sanitary measures will be implied.