Música Imagínense

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The program by Juan Ángel Vela del Campo devote its time to "the best all-time spanish composer" with Juan Carlos Asensio.

'O quam gloriuosum' Masses

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The BBC bring to us a podcast by T. Knighton comparing some of the recordings of Tomás Luis de Victoria's famous mass 'O quam gloriosum'.

Missa 'Pro Victoria'

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Tess Knighton bring to us a study and comparison of different recordings of the mass 'Pro Victoria'.

La mitad invisible - Officium Defunctorum

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The program team invited, among others, to the director of Tomas Luis de Victoria Research Center and International Music Festival Abvlensis, Oscar Terron Arroyo, and the musicologist, expert in the Renaissance and professor at the University of Valladolid Soterraña Aguirre, active member of the Center and the Festival team.

Abvlensis 2015 at Ars Musica podcast

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With the presence of Oscar Arroyo, director of the Conservatory of Ávila and head of Abvlensis, the podcast talks about the festival held since 2012 around the figure of Tomas Luis de Victoria in his native Avila, thanks to the efforts of Tomas Luis de Victoria Research Center.

Tenebrae Responsories by Victoria

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An informal conversation about this masterpiece by one of the best communicators of spanish podcasting, Emilio Cano.

Office of the Holy Week

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Catalunya Radio, in its "Cicle Coral" space, bring us a monographic program about Office of Holy Week of Tomás Luis de Victoria, contextualized in the author's vital and artistic moment.