Classical music in Radio 5

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Completed in 2011, 400th anniversary of TLV’s death, the project of the Ensemble Plus Ultra directed by Michael Noone and devoted to the works TLV wrote in the 25 years he was living in Madrid. We are listening to the motet “Oh creador y fundamento de Astros!" included in CD9, just published last June.

Tomás Luis de Victoria's Requiem

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'El Gran Segle', the program of Cataluyna Radio dedicated to  early music, brig to us a program entirely dedicated to the Officium Defunctorum of Tomás Luis de Victoria. The interpretation is carried out by the group 'Música Ficta'.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XXII: Interview to Alfonso de Vicente

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We close TLV’s cycle with the music Alonso de Vicente, one of the most important musicologists specialized in TLV. He talked about his edition in 2008 of the letters from the composer, as well as about the different focuses on the performance of his music, the still hidden details of his biography, his masterpieces “Easter Service” or “Mass pro defunctis” and about the events held or still to hold in 2011 to commemorate the most important musical anniversary of the year.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XXI

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Victoria pubished in the Royal Printing in Madrid in 1605 his last edition: Officium Defunctorum for the empress Maria de Austria, his protector during his time in Spain. We liste to this great piece, one of the best in his catalogue, by Gabrieli Consort and Paul McCreesh  as the conductor. We also listen to the motet Versa est in luctum by Alonso Lobo, one of Antonio de Cabezón ‘s pieces (the Empress childhood teacher) and Dies Irae from “Mass pro Defunctis” by Mateo Romero, master of the Royal Chapel in Victoria’s time.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XX

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We listened to some selected pieces from the volumes 9 and 10 of Victora collection by Ensemble Plus Ultra and Michael Noone. We could enjoy the pieces Salve Regina, Ave maris stella, Ego sum panis vivus, Tantum ergo, Surrexit pastor bonus and Magi viderunt stellam, among others.We listened to some Luis de Pablo’s music inspired in different motets by Victoria: Modules VI and Drunk Elephants I.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XIX

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The programme is devoted to three Spanish groups who recorded TLV’s music in the last three years. We listen to the unknown psalms for vespers in the manuscript 130 in the Library Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome by La Colombina, a selection of the 18 Responsories Tenebrae by Musica Ficta and Raúl Mallavibarrena, and some motets from the last disc-book by Capella de Ministrers named Canticum Nativitatis Domini.

Monographic about Tomás Luis de Victoria

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On the occasion of the 4th centenary of Tomás Luis de Victoria's death, Catalunya Radio (in its space 'El Gran Segle') offers us a monographic program about the Abulense.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XVIII

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We can listen here volume 7 belonging to Victoria collection by Ensemble Plus Ultra.It includes a remake of the Easter liturgy in Austrias Madrid,ca 1600, which includes choral pieces for 8 and 12 voices and other previous pieces including “plain singing”. Juan Carlos Asensio with the group Schola Antiqua , the organist Andrés Cea and the group His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts also play.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XVII

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We talk to Ana Maria Sabe Andreu, writer of the book Tomás Luis de Victoria, Pasión por la música, and maker of the blog ivcentenariotomasluisdevictoria.blogspot.com, where we can find every single piece of new sor event related to the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the composer from Avila’s death. We can also listen to the Mass Ave Regina published inn Madrid in 1600, several motets only kept in manuscripts and attributed to our master and the Mass Salve in a new version by the group The Sixteen.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria XVI

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Programme devoted to the Book of Masses, magníficats, motets, psalms and others published by the Royal Printing in Madrid in 1600 with TLV’s works, including for the very first time a part of the music to be played with the organ. We can listen to Magnificat sexti toni for 12 voices, the mass Alma redemptoris mater, the piece Veni Sancte spiritus, the mass Pro Victoria (based on the.chanson L Guerre de Janequin, which we also remember) and the motet O Ildephonse.