Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria V

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We keep on in the first book of masses, psalms, magnificats and Ave Marias by Victoria published by Gardano’s venetian printings in 1576. We will listen to Magníficat primi toni for 8 voices, Salve Regina in 6 voices, Nigra sum sed formosa,l Magníficat octavi toni in 3, 4, 5 and 6 voices and, as the principal piece, Mass Gaudeamus, based on the motet Jubilate Deo omnis terra by Cristóbal de Morales, which it was played in a version for three vihuelas as well.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria IV

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The most important piece in this programme was the Mass Ave maris stella, based on a gregoriano hymn for the vesperes of the Virgin festivities. It is the first mass published by the composer from Avila and which launches his 1576 edition. From this very book we could also listen to the Salve Regina played in 8 voices and Magníficat primi toni, although we listened to the latter in a version from Toledo Cathedral manuscript 30 , noticing some changes according to the edited work.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria III

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First book of motets from 1572 by Monteverdi Choir, Ensemble Plus Ultra, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Westminster Cathedral’s Choir, Hesperion XX and The Sixteen. We will finish the programme with the first section of the Victorian Orchestra Suite by Pablo Sorozábal and with the reduction made by Giovanni Battista Bovicelli in 1594 of the motet Vadam et circuibo in a version for violin and organ by Emilio Moreno and Leon Berben.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Victoria II

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First book of motets from 1572: O magnum mysterium, Alma redemptoris Mater, O decus apostolicum, O sacrum convivium and Senex puerum portabat, among others, by Westminster’s Cathedral Choir, Ensemble Plus Ultra, Pro Cantione Antiqua, La Colombina and Carlos Mena accompanied by Juan Carlos Rivera.

Great cicles: Tomás Luis de Victoria - Interview to Michael Noone

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We talked to the Australian musicologist and choir conductor Michael Noone about Tomás Luis de Victoria’s colection recorded with the Ensemble Plus Ultra. It consists of 10 CDs which are being published since 2008 up to 2011, concurring with the fourth centenary of the death of the master from Avila. The liturgical reconstructions, the use of instruments and plain chant in performances and how Victoria’s music was played in his time were some of the topics in the interview.

Conversations at Victoria's 400 Anniversary

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Programme devoted to Tomás Luis de Victoria in the 400th anniversary of his death conmemorated in 2011. Some details of his life together with his relevance and influence on music and his musical originalities are discussed by Pilar Tomás, Alfonso de Vicente, Pepe Rey and José Luis Téllez.

Victoria in SER Ávila

Series of nine programmes broadcasted since October 2010 up to June 2011, paying homage to Tomás Luis de Victoria. Coordinated by Luis Sánchez, manager of Hoy por Hoy Ávila and with the cooperation of the historian Ana Sabe and the musicologist Inés González Mogollón, CEV collaborators, they analyse in detail the life and works of the composer from Avila.